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Tear the Paper Ceiling


Ad Council


Live Action
Post Production

In this campaign for Ogilvy and Ad Council, Los York director Gabriel Novis shed light on “the paper ceiling” – highly qualified job candidates who are turned down due to a lack of formal education or resume credentials. The final film takes us on a journey of emotions, effectively inspiring and ultimately empowering the audience to create necessary change in the workforce.

Design Explorations

Los York Team:

Executive Creative Director: Scott Hidinger

Managing Director: Melina Osornio

Executive Producer, Live Action: Leticia Gurjao

Executive Producer, Creative & Post: Eric Zapakin

Head of Production: Earl McDaniel

Line Producer: Russell Katzman

DP: Jeremy Snell

Senior Producer: David Thomas

Media Manager: Rod Thomas

Creative Director: Michael Shaeffer

Director: Gabriel Novis

Editor: Mah Ferraz (Cut+Run)

Assistant Editor: Andy Koeger

Designer: Sebastian Onufszak

Designer: Christian Palma

Designer: Bryan Lee

Designer: Elena Sáenz de la Torre Loras

2D Animator: Richard Lampasone

2D Animator: Brian Hwang

2D Animator: Milo sa Colorado

Sound Design & Mix: Raphaël Ajuelos

Color: Kath Raisch (Company 3)

Roto & Paint: Rotomaker

Agency Team:

Agency – Ogilvy NY

Account Director: Nina Follman

Agency Producer: Jessica Ryle

Senior Copywriter: Gillian Goodman

Senior Art Director: Grace Donahue

VP Group Campaign Director: Dzu Bui

Campaign Director: Mary Zost

VP of Marketing & Comms: Will Villota

Executive Director: Jonathan Gibson

Group Creative Director: Andrea Messer