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The intention was clear. To create a campaign that ignites a movement. To achieve this, we worked with Snapchat to authentically capture the attitudes of a generation and motivate young voters to action. Executing with purpose, strength, and above all authenticity.

The four-phase campaign included a custom font, poster design & animation, a TVC spot premiering during the first presidential debate, and a series of :15 second films aimed at getting swing state snapchatters to the polls.

Co-directors Mikayla Gamble and Dane Del Deo mixed docu-style intimacy with elevated filmmaking, bringing a visceral aesthetic to each film. Unique. Individual. Expressive. Just like their generation.

With the help of Snapchat, over 1.2 million young people registered to vote. More than half of those who registered would be first-time voters, and more than 80 percent are younger than 30.

Chief Marketing Officer: Kenny Mitchell
Global Creative Director: Leo Macias
Senior Brand Marketing Manager: Jill Kinney
Senior Creative Lead: MJ McCallum
Lead Brand Designer: Abe Vizcarra
Brand Designer: Jules McLean
Lead Language Designer: Brian Lee
Language Designer: Adam Rotstein
Senior Media Planning & Strategy Manager: Karlo Cordova
Senior Strategy & Planning Manager: Ellis Hamburger
Social Media Manager: Kiyome Okikawa
Social Media Strategist: Diamond Jones
Head of Production: Tim Newfang
Producer: Jeff Holiday
Project Manager: Justin Mersinger
Creative Intern: Assetou Cherif

Los York
Executive Creative Director: Seth Epstein
Executive Creative Director: Scott Hidinger
Executive Producer / Accounts: Melina Osornio
Executive Producer: Leticia Gurjao
Head of Production: Mariel Sands
Sr. Producer: Jake Hibler
Talent Coordinator: Jade Fuller
Editor: Robert “Chip” Sneed, Lin Wilde
Designer: Jaime Van Wart, Marina Murad, Josh Kopeika
Animator: Adam Linden, Christian Palma

Colorist: Marshall Plante
Executive Producer: Natalie Westerfield

Mixer: Daniel Hart
Executive Producer: Debbi Landon

Los York Live Action
Director: Dane Del Dio, Mikayla Gamble
Executive Producer: Leticia Gurjao
Line Producer: Scott Ludden
DP (California): Mack Fisher
DP (Louisiana): Reyna Hope
DP (Texas): Andrew Barrera
DP (New York): Danyal Niazi
DP (Georgia): Lara Aqel
DP (Michigan): Adam Rock
DP (Arizona): Jacen Sievers
DP (Florida): Andrew Garcia