Sound of Arrival




Live Action
Post Production
CGI / Animation

Los York collaborated with Leo Burnett on this historic campaign for the new Cadillac Escalade, directed by Jackson Tisi. The spot stars the iconic RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and features an orchestral version of their song CREAM, specially recorded to score this campaign.


Benjamin Haynes – Associate Director/Content Marketing

Jess Mangiapane – Senior Manager/Brand, Multi-Cultural, Cross Vehicle Strategy and Execution

Sarah McRae – Assistant Manager/Cross-Carline Creative Execution

Rose Pawlowski – Product Marketing

Michael Myczkowiak – Product Marketing

Leo Burnett:

Robert Clifton  – Executive Creative Director

Tony Booth – EVP/Director of Creative Operations

Scott Durday – Creative Director – Copy

Justin Jamison – Creative Director – Art

Cara Hanson – Social Copywriter

Susan Rabaut – Senior Integrated Producer

Nico Poalillo – Content Maker, Associate Producer

Steve Kerry Creative Director, Art Director

Brian Phelps – SVP Group Account Director

Craig Florek – Management Supervisor

Winnie Wilson – Supervisor, Product Information

 Los York:

CCO: Seth Epstein

Executive Producer Studio: Melina Osornio

Executive Producer Films: Leticia Gurjao

Head of Production: Mariel Sands

Chief Financial Officer: Melissa Redondo

Resource Manager: Jade Fuller

Live Action

Director: Jackson Tisi

Executive Producer Films: Leticia Gurjao

Director of Photography: Kai Saul

Line Producer: Chris Palladino

Production Designer: Liz Toonkel 


Creative Director: Ergin Kuke

Executive Producer Studio: Melina Osornio

Sr. Post Producer: Julia Torchine

Design & Animation: Dorian Gourg, Mark Thorsen, Renato Marques, Manuel Martin, Cisco Torres, Aaron Knapp 

Compositors: Dorian Gourg, Mark Thorsen, Renato Marques, Manuel Martin, Cisco Torres

Sound Design: Raphaël Ajuelos




Producer/Mixer/Engineer: Gerard Smerek

Sr. Sound Designer / Mixer: Jeff Dittenber

Cosmo Street

Editor: Mark Potter

Assistant Editors: Ryan Hennessy & Taylor Morano

Head of Production: Anne Lai

Company 3 LA

Colorist: Parker Jarvie

Color Executive Producer: Ashley McKim

Color Producer: Blake Rice