SHOOT: Los York Adds Design Studio Estudi-Image To Its Talent Roster

Multidisciplinary creative studio Los York has added New York-based estudi-image to its roster of talent. Established in 2019, estudi-image is a young, boundary pushing 2D and 3D design studio.

Creative directors Luke Guyer and Nil Serrïma met on the job and went on to co-found estudi-image. Catalan for studio, “estudi” encompasses their artistic space. “Image” is purposefully ambiguous, allowing for all types of visual creations to be concocted. Now a three-person unit with EP Veronica Höglund, estudi-image fleshes out teams on a project by project basis utilizing freelance artists, running the gamut from low budget to high, yet always with clients who are willing to take some visual risks.

Guyer and Serrïma’s shared desire to push into live-action led them to Los York, whose established arsenal of assets allows them to level up through partnership. They want to carry their distinctive blend of the surreal and hyperreal into live-action, creating a conversation between the two. They are curious about showcasing emotions in 3D that you normally wouldn’t be able to portray in live-action.

Examples of their style can be found in their project SS20 for the outdoor sportswear brand Salomon Advanced. It’s a visceral creation that highlights the brand’s advanced technology shoes through a dialogue between tech and nature, imagining where the two can exist–both in harmony and in conflict. Another notable creation is for Material Designers, or MA-DE–a project co-funded by the program of the European Union for which estudi-image made a sensorial promotion video that speaks to the MA-DE platform and the complex, dynamic process of creating.

Seth Epstein, founder/CCO/director at Los York, described Guyer and Serrïma as “up-and-coming and inventive artists,” citing as a trademark quality “their ability to instigate through their visuals, while maintaining a classic and marketable finished piece.”