Marketing Coordinator

FALL 2023

Your mission is to showcase our “best of” to the world by promoting our work, amplifying our vision and
expanding our community.

Working closely with producers and creative leads, your role involves organizing, packaging and
promoting our studio’s strongest work across various platforms. This includes social media, PR efforts
through external partners, email newsletters and our website(s).


Enhance Los York’s global visibility, increasing brand awareness and building our community.



● Track all upcoming projects across disciplines
● Manage and organize work in progress across various departments
● Collect assets for posting on our website, social media and PR materials during and after jobs
● Gather project credits and BTS imagery from shoots
● Collaborate with the Los York team to obtain approvals for imagery, stories and related content



● Establish a meticulously followed content calendar that is clear and concise
● Maintain regular posting on Instagram, LinkedIn and potentially other platforms
● Ensure proper tagging and crediting of all work
● Strategize and execute plans for stories and posts
● Collaborate closely with creative leadership to uphold consistent ‘style guide’
● Prompt and on-brand community management
● Consistent engagement with past, present and prospective clients on relevant channels
● Foster growth of our creative community on Los York’s owned channels by actively engaging with
clients, collaborators and desired professional connections through following and commenting
● Monthly measurement and reporting of social media performance
● Create and execute a targeted media plan to reach key audiences



● Send quarterly newsletter using our CRM
● Collaborate to enhance and maintain Los York’s CRM database continually
● Ensure Meticulous tracking of every name, account and interaction within our internal CRM
databases across the organization so that we can market to them
Website Updates
● Collaborate with creative and producers to publish approved work on our website(s)
● Post news stories on our website(s)



● Collaborate with producers and creative leads to identify completed projects suitable for PR
● Secure necessary credits and approval for PR activities
● Maintain regular collaboration with our external PR agency


Award Shows

● Manage our annual show calendar
● Collaborate with the ECD to strategize submissions
● Work with Production to assign Producer / Coordinator to produce award shows
● Track and ensure timely progress for submissions



● Producer quarterly swag drops, subject to bandwidth
● Collaborate with the team to photograph and promote swag on social media
● Manage Shopify and inventory in partnership with the shipping team, led by Cosmo
● Develop and execute a monthly content plan across marketing channels with the buy in/ approval
from the leadership team


Your wiring

● An innovative, risk taker who thinks outside the box are key drivers to success
● Dedicated to achieving tasks regardless of obstacles, with a relentless pursuit of excellence
● Meticulous approach in managing multiple projects, diligently maintaining detailed records of
project processes and progress
● Strong communication skills to keep the leadership team informed of all social media initiatives
● Self-starter with a knack of bringing fresh ideas to the table, taking charge of their execution and
continuously seeking improvement
● Operates with a sense of urgency, driven to address tasks promptly and avoid unnecessary
● Sense of humor that adds positivity to the team
● 1-2 years work experience in marketing communications, strategic planning or related
brand-focused fields


Los York embraces diversity and promotes an inclusive and equitable environment for all


Please apply by submitting your resume and LinkedIn to  with Marketing Coordinator in the subject line of the email.