Head of Production



As Head of Production at Los York, you will assume a key leadership role responsible for the strategic planning, supervision, and execution of all production operations. 


Your expertise in bidding, scoping and planning will lend itself well to efficient and streamlined execution.


You will collaborate extensively with the Creative Directors and Brand Partners to orchestrate projects, delivering a standard of excellence that aligns with and surpasses client expectations. 


An essential aspect of this role involves interfacing with LOS YORK Studio & Films, leveraging your expertise to drive efficient execution. 


Selecting proficient internal and external vendors will be instrumental, ensuring the flawless execution of projects. Your oversight will extend to cultivating a cohesive team of producers, and talent, guaranteeing a high level of excellence and cohesion within the production team.




  • You’re proficient with numbers. Build precise budgets for every project and be accountable  for managing expenditure, monitoring actual progress against the initial plan on a weekly basis. Proficiency in working with numbers within Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is a skill you’re comfortable with (and maybe even enjoy!) Your responsibilities also extend to ongoing collaboration with both internal and external teams to finalize project details, which includes contract negotiations and securing the initial payment to commence the project.


  • Own the process. Strategize the best way possible via resources, budget and project planning to get us to our best work. Expertly communicate the vision with your teams.


  • You’re the holy grail of information. You ensure the team (and the client, when necessary) is well-informed about the current status of each project. You play the role of conductor, orchestrating the various elements to create a symphony of work.


  • You’re accountable for the details. You establish strong rapport with both the client and your team by demonstrating your comprehensive understanding of every project detail. Your attentive listening, diligent note-taking practices and transparent communication instill confidence in both parties. When a member of the team is unsure about whether the client said “black” or “white,” they can rely on your expertise to know the answer. Even if the answer is “gray.”


  • You’re focused on meeting deadlines. You are responsible for crafting and upholding project timelines, and you hold accountability for ensuring that both the client and your team meet their deadlines. When it comes to getting things done on time, the buck stops with you. You understand that time is money, which leads to the next bullet 🙂


  • You have an eye and an ear for talent. Collaborate with our resourcing team to ensure that each project is staffed with world class talent. You leverage your extensive network of artists and continuously expand this network by fostering new friendships along the way. And when we say “make friends” we mean it! As a touchpoint to the world outside of Los York, you are responsible for treating freelance talent (and internal team members) with respect.


  • You have 5 star client management skills. Proactively anticipate and address client & business challenges. You excel at managing internal and client communication seamlessly in order to address any obstacles that may arise. Offer support, motivation and direction to the clients while possessing the ability to firmly assert your position on critical issues and negotiate successful resolutions.  


  • Team Leader: Oversee and guide producers, ensuring their alignment with project objectives and adherence to timelines and budgets all while having a good time doing it. You are the glue between cross functional teams and collaborate effortlessly. (Egos don’t work around here)


Core Competencies

  • Solution oriented.
  • Proactive vs Reactive. 
  • When the room feels stressful, you’re a source of calm.
  • Fun and humor are part of your DNA.
  • You are a great listener and note-taker.
  • Organization is your middle name.
  • Problem solving is something you attack head on.
  • You enjoy an entrepreneurial environment and consider yourself a builder.
  • Minimum 3 years with a proven track record in a Head of Production or Lead Producer role within the industry, showcasing extensive experience in strategic planning and project management.
  • Proficiency in budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation, with a keen eye for detail.
  • Experience working on integrated, 360 advertising campaigns and in post production with knowledge of CG/Animation pipelines.
  • Proficiency with MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Experience working with project management software including Google Docs/Sheets and Slack 


About Los York


Los York is a creative company exploring the territory between concept and creation. Founded in 2012 by Emmy-award winning CEO and founder, Seth Epstein, the shop has a clear mission: to assemble the best creative minds in the world, in service of creating design-driven advertising and content that impacts culture. Los York is based in Los Angeles, but operates daily with an international network of artists, thinkers, and creators.


Please apply by submitting your portfolio, reel, resume and/or website to with Head of Production in the subject line of the email.