Bespoke Content

Creating a range of elevated content while maintaining the high standards set by the world-class brand and demanded by their loyal audience.

Born in Blue Online Campaign

The Challenge

Everything Sonos does must embody the love of music and capture their single-minded commitment to delivering the best sound for the home. Sonos presented us with diverse sets of criteria, formats, styles, and budgets and tasked us with creating elevated content for music lovers.

Two legendary collaborators.

In 1991 a legendary Blue Note recording became the basis for an iconic hip-hop single. Dr. Lonnie Smith and Q-Tip discuss inspiration in this first time meeting between the two accomplished artists.

Kindred Spirits.

What followed, and what Los York captured felt more like a reunion between two souls separated than a first meeting.



Sonos Pure Product Film

The Solution

A responsive strike force team of creatives, writers, directors, content producers and strategists who can tackle any scale project at the drop of a hat. Immersed in the brands ethos, we are able to step in as needed to craft and execute work with a consistent brand voice that engages an eclectic mix of audiences.

Sonos Ambassador Film Series: Josiah and Jurnee

The Result

Our ability to work in partnership with their existing agencies and produce creative in varying styles and formats means Sonos can lean on Los York for bespoke content for broadcast, digital, social and experiential applications.